Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finding My Inner Child...

Dance Dance Dance…Hello Candies around the World! So, the latest…I started taking this incredible Art Course called Radiant Faces which is a Mixed Media collaborative with some remarkable Instructors and Hosted/Organized by Ms. Effy Wild. Can I just say, I’m over the moon Sally! We have a total of 18 lessons and guess what!?! I’m going to share my bases here. Yipeee…How’s that for Eye Candy. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that anyone who does mixed media, paints, or just wants to learn something new, this is the class for YOU! Stay Tuned to the end of the post for more information on joining us on this journey.

On to Finding My “Inner Child”. I absolutely am in LOVE with discovering my own Style and the entire process of it all. In this owldorable interpretation of my “Best Self Whimsical Inner Child” I truly reflected on the days of yester-year to capture some pretty deep and meaningful elements that are apart of her.
Growing Up we had a Garden, I always loved flowers.
We had a Siamese kitty named Kiesha, I'm a Leo and grew up with Kitty's (hat).
I always wished I was a fairy cause they were sooo darned cute, Tink was always my FAV! (wings).
We didn't have much $ & I always wanted clothes like other girls but Mumma sewed (patches & stitches).
Since we moved a lot I always admired what was outside the windows I looked through (book title).
I grew up with books tons of books (lotsa books & shelves) In fact each of our children have their very own. To this very day I still believe that we can learn & be anything we want to, when we cuddle up with a good book.
The words on the books represent things that I wanted more of as a child or found comfort in Cookies, Friends, Safe, Beautiful.
The End!

So there is no particular order of my sharing and true to honoring the heARTists and the dedicated hard work poured into this amazing journey, I will NOT be sharing or disclosing any class content or photos. Feel free to bloggy hop via the ‘Radiant Faces’ photo below to see what the Instructors wrote and shared. You will also find all the information about this Art Course just by clicking on the pic.
Stay Tuned to our Journey for more…Your Biggest Fan! xoxo
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