Thursday, November 29, 2012

One BRAVE Evening…

Howdy Candies…as promised I’m back to share a special posting about something that is touched my heart deeply.  There is something to be learned about the power of words.  They can be a source of hurt, pain, agony, and unimaginable gut wrenching heartache or an abundance enriched source of Love, Happiness, Joy, Pleasure, & Soulful Healing!  I announced under my “Just Doodle It” post that I took an adventure in signing up for the first time offered online the Brave Girls Art School.  Whilst this journey is been full of self-reflection, learning, giving, connecting & sharing…what I’ve learned most thus far is the “Power of Words”!  Let’s think about that for a moment…?… 

The “Power of Words”, they are embed into our brains & can reach the depths of our souls.  I mean that’s truly why we stop to reflect for a moment & actually take the time to read a Fellow Bloggers post or articles of interest or importance, share photos on FB of things that inspire us…right?  I use to do extremely well in expressing the written word but in a true confession to all, not always in speaking what it is I’m intending to say.  That is a lesson I’ve been on a journey to learn each day of my life, is not always what I have to say but in how I say it.  As a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Friend & varying hats I wear in life, I realize that my words make an impact on those around me & worldwide. 

What if…I purposed to you that regardless of where you are right this second in your personal journey, artistic journey, or even in Life.  Whether it be in good or bad, happy or sad times that your entire view on the world can be completely different and HUGE changes can come to you by surrounding yourself with words that have intrinsic meaning, that directly inspire you…would you do it?  Would you or could you believe that it can?  I can attest that this is absolutely unequivocally the truest thing I know; “If you surround yourself with words that you can actually see, that they can empower you to change the very things around you that only you can change (even your own thoughts) by using and having POSITIVE, Strong, Loving words of truth & inspiration.”

Honestly for me the BRAVEest thing I ever did was venture out last Saturday to meet the lovely Melody Ross, who’s words have empowered my internal thoughts, my deepest emotions, & reached the depths of my soul.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted about one of my biggest struggles that I deal with every single day & frankly putting it out here like this only helps me begin a process of healing.  This is why, this particular post is sooo special to me.  I suffer from Anxiety, not just your average “What If?” anxiety but the heart pounding, chest pain, feel like I can’t breathe, nausea, shaking, sweating, feeling like I’m going to die type of anxiety that turns into total panic.  It is truly is a battle to overcome each waking moment for me.  I can’t explain it & most don’t understand it. 

However, you will see what I mean when I share the photo of these Ladies Melody & Kathy who have helped me silently without knowing how deeply hard it was for me to leave my home.  I know, I know…you see photos of travels, places I’ve been to, things I’ve done, places we venture & share about…what you don’t know is the hours & hours of agony it takes for me to actually calm myself enough to venture out & just GO DO IT! & what you don’t know is 90% of the time, the plans we’ve had to cancel or the blog posts I escape for weeks before posting about.  A lot of the times it is the FEAR of what is going to happen when I’m out there (anywhere beyond the confines of my Studio) that truly is the worst.  I call it my “Silent Suffering” but I reckon by now this post no longer has me “Silently Suffering”.  So when I say to you that the “Power of Words” takes on a whole new meaning for me, I truly truly do mean it from my heart of hearts.  It’s a process…

So…One BRAVE Evening, my Husband (Bless his Heart) took my hand & said “I know how much this will mean to you when you actually get there, it’s going to be okay I promise!”  Where did we go?  To a quaint local party put on by the “Brave Girls Club”.  It was a wonderful experience and celebration as the message they send & what they do for Brave Girls all over the world is beyond touching.  I’m beyond the moon that I’ve found solace within the Brave Girls community. 

I could go on about what it meant but I’d prefer to share photos of my experience instead and then one of Melody’s prints I walked away with that I now see to help me every waking moment of every single day.   Words of Thanks just wasn’t enough to all of those at Brave Girls so that is why I wrote this special Blog Post to share with all of them, my Family, Friends, Followers, the entire Blogosphere.  So without Further Ado…Photos: (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

This is was what it looked like from ceiling to center:



The Brave Girls That Touched My Soul & Is Helping Me Heal:

Melody Ross & Kathy Wilkins

A HUGE Surprise as I won the Door Prize Drawing of so many Melody Ross vintage treasures & something so Special: (“A Little Birdy Told Me”, Autographed Prints & Wall Art “Courage”, Music for my soul “Restore”…)

Precious Treasures

Print Wall Art I see Everyday!  The comfort words that tell me where I need to be each moment: (Clicking Photo Will Take you to the Brave Girls Store!)

"Fly Baby Fly"

The Piece that brings me Solitude to Remind me “I Do Have The COURAGE!”: (Clicking Photos Will Take you to the Brave Girls Store!)

Amazing Courage Gift! Precious-Treasure-Front-Cou

The Inspiration of it all that allowed me to “Wear My Word” with a bit of help from Tim Holtz: (Clicking Photo takes you to his blog!)

Wearing My Words Tim Holtz

So when I tell you that the evening was just splendid I have to say that without a doubt that being surrounded by all those WORDS I needed to See, Feel, Touch, Hear, Smell, & just feel enveloped in a blanket of warm smooth melting chocolaty abundance of LOVEing WORDS, I mean it in every sense…that “Words Are Powerful!”  I have no other way to describe the entire experience but one thing I know is that I am loved & I believe that I shall have the COURAGE to overcome.  Thank you all so much for your dedication to me whilst on this amazing journey.  & Thank You Brave Girls from around the world.  Most of all Thank You Melody & Kathy for bringing a change in all of our lives one heARTbeat at a time…
P.S. It is super time & we’re making spaghetti in the Candy Casa, so I don’t want to end without telling you about a little gift I want to share with someone who comments about your thoughts on words right here or on the Candy FB Page under this post. 

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  1. I'm with you that the night was magical. That's one thing that the Brave Girls does well, magic. When, and I hope you can, you go to camp, you will be welcome to a world of magic!!!

    Words are so much more powerful than people realize. What is sad is that mean words and bad words have even more power than the good words. It takes more good words to get over the mean words.

    I have a similar problem with getting out of the house. I don't have anxiety per say, I can't really put my finger on what it is now. It all started with the H1N1 flu. I had just come home from having a heart transplant and had a very compromised immune system but was not on the priority list to get a shot.

    I even talked to them in Utah at the transplant clinic (I was willing to drive down there) but they couldn't do anything about it. I was scared to death to leave the house. If I got the H1N1, I would surely die from it.

    After that scare went away, I would still seldom leave the house. I've gotten a little better. I talked to a life coach about it and she had a few things to help me. The major thing seems like a small thing but has really helped. She said to get up, take a shower and get ready even if the event isn't until evening. I don't know, maybe that could help you.

    I saw a new doc a few weeks ago and I go back to him next week I think for some brain testing. He's a neuro-psycologist. I had a small stroke during transplant surgery. A lot has changed in my life since then and I just haven't been dealing with it very well lately.

    Boy, did I ever spill my guts. I guess it's because you did. Thanks for listening and if you ever need someone to talk too.... you've got me.

    Did you take Soul Restoration. I think it would help you a lot!!! If you have a choice between the next art school and SR1, take SR1. It will change your life. It's very similar to camp.

    Well, I guess I've talked your ear off. Take care! It was so great to meet you at the party!!!


  2. WORDS! Thanks for the reminder of how important they are to us. I'm in the BGC art class, as well, and have also found myself not wanting to leave home. I've not experience anxiety but certainly depression for the last few years. This class has lifted me up and helped, although I have a ways to go still.

    So glad we've been on this journey together. Congratulations to you for venturing out to the BGC party! I would have loved to have gone and met you and the others. Just a 1,000 miles to far away!

    I hope you feel lighter and freer now that you've put you experince into words and shared it with us. Enjoy your prizes, I think they definitely went to the right person!


  3. This post is an incredibly brave step Nichole! I too suffer from the same type of anxiety, it can dictate and destroy life if we let it. Our honeymoon was cancelled because I could not face the flight to Venice (we did go a few years later), going to college each week is one of the hardest things I currently do, and I have missed a few not knowing whether the ills I feel physically are real or phsycological. Even crafting has its complications if I'm having one of my 'scared of knives' days. I so wish there was a brave girls group near me to empower and encourage. Well done girlie for facing those demons and getting out there and well done to your dear hubby for giving you the much needed support. Jenny (aka Jassy) xxxxx

  4. Sounds like an amazing group - your hubby is a great guy! And yay for you for winning that great prize!

  5. Nichole, my heart goes out to you. My daughter suffers with anxiety. You are brave beyond words. We each have challenges in our lives. It is how we cope with adversity that makes us stronger. What a great opportunity your family has afforded you. May the loving support of family and friends help you overcame your fears. Sharing is a new beginning. Brave heart.

  6. Nichole, everyday you inspire me.You are a Brave Girl, Sharing your thoughts and feelings i think not only help you but others of us as well, Thank you my dear friend.

  7. Nichole its inspiring to hear about your experience at Brave girls, Christine told me about it a couple of years ago. I have panic attacks so know a bit about what your going through. I really need to attend a Brave girls camp, might just be what I need to face life!.
    words, I'm not very good at all expressing myself with the written word. I guess thats why I love art so much.
    Find strengh in the love that surrounds you!
    hugs Lynn


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