Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Doodle It & More…

Howdy Candies…It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything new, which is a good thing!  Usually I’m anxious to get posts up about what I’m doing around the Studio, however I recently discovered this neat app a few weeks ago called Instagram.  I’m not an iphone user so this was my new thing in updating what I’m doing & I’m absolutely in adoration of the different ways one can showcase & share photos. 

I’ve also dived into a new class at the beginning of the month called Brave Girls Art School.  I’m absolutely in love with it!  I’m on another SOUL filled creative journey that is enhancing my inner spirit while learning more about where my heARTistry comes from.  It is a process & certainly we all have moments in shifting what it is that we want to create. 

I’m an avid doodler…I doodle all the time.  It’s of no surprise that I’m in love with Close To My Heart & Ranger products.  In fact I recently got my hot little hands on one of Dyan Reevely’s newest “Creative Art Journal” & Wow!  I completely love Dyan’s doodling and eclectic style of journaling.  She speaks to my inner child I reckon, so does the freedom of allowing myself to take some doodling of my own & incorporating it into heARTistry.  I hear it all the time “I’m not that creative.”  “Wow, I wished I could do that.”, well the truth of the matter is, WE are can do it!  If you have ever used a pencil and paper jotting down or scribbling while on the tele or just picked up paper & scissors to cut and paste things down…You can Doodle It!  Trust me, it takes some practice to get things down that you like but I truly feel in my heart of hearts that anyone can Doodle It! 

My truest intention is to take what I’ve learned and combine these base mediums I’m totally in LURV with & along with my own doodling and create a piece of heARTistry that I’m nervous to tackle, but think it will be well worth the journey in the end.  So without further ado some photos of what I’ve been doodling around with and sharing some Instagram pics I’ve played with: (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

This is an finished Doodle Floral Background that took me a few days and some soulful reflection to complete:

Doodle Garden Self Reflection

These are just some more doodling with the help of what I’ve been learning along the way:

Doodle FlowersDoodle Flowers

Doodling Flower Clusters

My First Dylusions Creative Journal Pages…using some Doodles of my own: (Click on 2nd photo for “Bleach Out” technique)

Dylusions Creative Journal

New Dylusions My Creative Journal Pages

Journal Page Dylusions

Instagram Photo Shares:

This is of a Christmas Holiday Card using Close To My Heart “Pear and Partridge” paperpack & KiwiLane DT’s:

Close To My Heart Pear and Partridge

Charms for Family & a Tree of Life for my Mumma:

Creatique Candy Dragonfly CharmsTree of Life Mumma

Some of my Favorite Creations using photo manipulation in Instagram:

Favorite Spring CreationsFavorite Dylusions CreationsFavorite Ranger Distress Tags

Last but not least…Flowers my Darling Husband picked-up for me ‘Just Because’ that had blooming Star Gazer Lilies!  Made our home smell Delightful for weeks…

Bloomed #2My Blooming Lily

I nearly forgot all about Halloween, not sure how that one happened considering that all the hoopla surrounding this FUNtablous Holiday!  Plus I’m ooober excited because I got to use my Distress Stains sent to me that I won during the October 12 Tags of 2012 winner announcement for Ranger, Inc. news of adding the Limited Edition Seasonal Distress pallets to Tim Holtz permanent Distress line!  I was in tears, dancing for joy & just so happened that I got to share the moment with my Mumma too!  Who is now an official ‘Chemist’ and apart of our Student Body from Tim Holtz amazing “Creative Chemistry” class we took this past March. 

I started on some backgrounds that I want to come back to now that I’m still in creating…check em out:

Tim Hotlz Dylusions Halloween Backgrounds

I will do my very best to not allow all of these to collect up in the future and keep more in touch with you wonderful dedicated Candies who have followed me through this last year. 

In so doing & enduring such intermittent posting, I’m giving away a FULL 3 pack of Tim Holtz SUMMER Distress Seasonal Set!  All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog about what your personal thoughts are on “Just Doodle It”!  (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)  The Winner of the Summer Distress Seasonal Pallet will be announced on November 1st!


  1. I love it! I love that you are cultivating it, because I think people think that doodles are mindless, something that just happens, but I think they are a skill you do have to cultivate and work at.....I've been trying, but yours are so much better!

  2. You are a very clever chookie. You look like you have been super busy. I love what you have been doing with your doodling. And your Art journal pages... YUMMY. I have not been over for a while so I am going back now to look a bit more. oh please dont add me to giveaway, just wanted to say wow and hello :-)

  3. You may be drawing it but its me patting myself on the back that I have a daughter with soooo much talent!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors you are working with for both your journal and the new Halloween tags ~ Book some time with yer ma and lets play with the inkky's 2gether.


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