Monday, May 28, 2012

Where is Home…

Howdy Candies…To all who have served, those who have passed, & those who have lost I humbly, “Salute You!” Memorial Day is a day of remembrance not only for the loss of our loved ones and those who have served but also a time to be ever so grateful for those looking down upon us to continue the legacy they intended to build behind.  I want to honor several men in my life…: My Grandpa Dalby who’s service with our country extended beyond his years in the military but as a retiree he continued to serve as a civil servant.  Now completely retired running a horse ranch in MO, my Grandfather is a man of few words.  It is not my place to tell his story but I wanted to honor YOU Grandpa as a two-time purple heart and Thank You from the depths of my heart for your Courage & Bravery in helping to maintain the FREEDOMS we enjoy today!  To My Grandpa Arlo, one of the most amazing men I’ve ever the honor to of met.  Very Humble, Loving, Loyal, Dedicated & one of the strongest moral men I’ve the pleasure to call my Grandfather.  Today I remember you for the tight embrace of your loving affections I miss so deeply, for accepting me into your family and loving my children sooo.  There are no words to express how I wished I could see your smile again…Lovingly always! 
While today we reflect upon those we miss…I want to share a message that these two men have taught to me.  Appreciate the value of Family, earnest hard work will always prevail, never spend what you DO NOT have, & always cherish the foundations of what you will leave behind for your future generations.  I have many fond memories of both these Gentlemen but none more then the expression of LOVE & gratitude for my Grandmother’s! 

With that it makes me ponder the idea of “Where is Home…?”  I truly believe in my heart of hearts that home is where your heart is.  It’s with my Husband and children, it’s where we choose to be to build a life.  Nowadays things are so much more different then the way they use to be.  My wish now & always, is to have a HOME!  My thinking was that if at the very least if I had a home I will always be able to provide the profound lessons the men I remember today have taught me; the number one being stability for my children & family.  I’m still in the midst of accomplishing this goal & can’t tell you when, where, how, or why but what I do know is that I’m still on a journey to find it.  I just know that home is our safe haven, our place to feel stable & to have those who love us, surround us in their loving grace. So my heART piece today reflects some of these thoughts…(To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

My heART Home Original Dylusions Design via Candy Studio:

Dream Home

Another Tag Background Creation for Memorial Day Blog Candy Winner!:


Candy Winner Tag Creation

The Winner Is … Sylvia Tabor!!! 

Comment:  My thoughts on Spring always go back to a little verse I made up as a kid and have shared with my kids and now my grandkids... we even make up a tune and sing-songy it, as we dance and twirl..."Spring is Sprung The Grass is Riss I wonder where Them Birdies is!!!" Your "Ode to Spring" captures all it's radiance. The colors of new arrivals, the delight of new flowers Springing forth, the threads of Life ever woven tru the Seasons. Simply beautiful!!!  And your Give-A-Way is extremely generous of you. A beautiful Tree of Life with all its meanings to treasure for ever... WOW You are truly a giving Soul... and I, for one, am Blessed to know you...May 18, 2012 5:32 PM

Thank you from the depths of my heART for everyone who participated in the special handmade May Candy Blog Give-Away “Tree of Life” pendant!  Sylvia please contact me via e-mail to send special instructions on your handmade creation from the Candy Studio.  I also wanted to share that the Candy Studio will be moving within the next 30 days and due to transitions, re-location, etc…my posts via here & all social networking sites will be sporadic & unexpected.  We deeply appreciate your patience during this transition as we locate “Where our Home Is!” & in the interim keep Stamping By…


  1. Hang in there! You'll be HOME again before you know it!

  2. Wozza girlfriend, loving the work. I am sure with your get up and go Nichole and added strengh of mind all will come good for you.

  3. Nichole... Your salute to "Home" is breathtaking... You will find that special place, you will plant roots. Anyone who can create like this can make "that" happen as well... You have an amazing talent and I am soooo Blessed to have taken CC101 to meet all the wonderfully talented folks, and especially you... you have found your sunshine in these inks and are spreading the rays in abundance!!! WOW!!!


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