Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring is Sprung a Treasure…

Howdy Candies…Thank you all so much for all the sweet surprises, love, cards, gifts & heartfelt wishes about my last post.  It means the world to me how much your thinking of me as I often do of you each day!  I’m tickled to peaches because I finally got to go on a walk yesterday for the first time.  Granted it was around my block but hey we all start somewhere right?  My wish is to be able to take a bit more distance each day and though my prospects of running a marathon is not apart of my bucket list, walking one from beginning to end happens to be. 

Instead, I’ve recently discovered a piece of heARTistry within me that I’m even saying Wow too!  Of course I have my dear friend over at the Ribbon Carousel to of assisted in this gorgeous Treasured Tag creation inspired by Tim Holtz May 12 Tags of 2012 & also inspired me to enter it into the IE May Flowers challenge.  I realize I didn’t use tissue or that I even have any other color of archival inks or a melting pot to finish an enameled flower effect but I sure have some on the way.  What I have found is that I was able to just sit down over a period of a couple days & view some incredible heART from so many that have shared their inspiring creations. 

I’ve never used a spool for anything before but I found it looked pretty neat to me.  In fact I admit I can’t sew on anything but paper & ribbon (lol), long last I learned that when I was younger when my Mother tried to teach me how to sew this cute shirt that I wanted so badly with this fabric she bought.  Well…suffice to say that by the time I was done it was inside out & backwards, so in turn that ended my sewing career.  Now I can sure cross-stitch, chicken scratch, & embroider like it’s nobunny’s business but I just don’t use a sewing machine for the purpose of sewing on fabric.  I reckon the reason why I went into the bitty story was because it was the new Spring Distress Pallet, My Mother, & the incredible findings via Ribbon Carousel that contributed to this heARTfelt Treasured Spring Tag I designed as Spring is Sprung in the Candy Studio.  I’m Ooober excited to share: (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

Here is a Sneak Peak Overexposure of the Spring Treasured Tag: (Click on the photo to visit Ribbon Carousel)

Overexposure Spring Treasured Tag

This is the NEW Spring Distress Inks Color Pallet I used: (Click the Photo to Purchase your set of Spring Pallet Today!)

Distress Spring Pallet Inks

Here are a few photos to show the details that went into it.  I’m sooo thankful for Claudine Hellmuth’s gesso because it gave a fab base for tooth when using the re-inkers with perfect pearls in the mini-misters for my spool:


Here is the CTMH Color Ready Ribbon I used & just spritzed with the pre-mixed mini-misters with Distress Re-Inkers:

Color-Ready Ribbon

I loved taking this vertical version to show the dimensions:

Vertical View Spring Treasured Tag

Finally…here is my rendition of Mays 12 Tags of 2012 & Inspiration Emporium May Flowers Challenge in full: (Click the photo to participate in the May 12 Tags of 2012)

Spring Treasured Tag May 12 Tags of 2012 & IE Flower Challenge

I also did another altered image of it in an Overexposure in Full: (Click the photo to participate in the Inspiration Emporium May Flowers Challenge)


I really truly did enjoy creating this ensemble & I can’t thank Ribbon Carousel enough for having the little spool, twill lace treasures, & prima flowers that I also colored with the pre-mixed mini-misters to inspire this Spring Treasured Tag creation.  Inspiration Emporium is like a second family to me & they were very fast in getting these Yummy Spring colors in my Studio so I could create with them.  I’m smitten over all of it and admittedly it is one of my first actual altered pieces where I used so many of my Ranger products to modify & alter each piece that went into it.  In fact I had sooo much fun making this heART & feeling so much better each day that I wanted to have a Blog Give-Away!!! Oh Yes Candies…A Blog Candy just for YOU…!!!  I just got a new set of sterling silver box chain necklaces in this past week & I’m in love with creating the “Tree of Life” necklaces that I figured it was time to share one of my pendants & Chain to one lucky Blog Candy Winner!  I’ve done a post about my BSU duo necklaces & figured you can search “BSU Tree of Life Pendant” in order to see the details of the materials I use within it.  It was one of my bloggy blog posts about the “Faux Patina” CC2C challenge creations. 

So how do you participate? 

1.  Leave a comment here on my blog about what Spring is Sprung for You!: (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

2.  Follow Candy Studio on Twitter: (Badge on the right sidebar)

3.  Follow Candy Studio on FB: (Link on the right sidebar)

4.  Tweet or Share this Blog Post & Follow The Candy Studio!

That’s It…each step is an entry so feel free to share share share!!! The Winner will be announced on May 28th Memorial Day!  The winner will receive a custom made “Tree of Life” pendant with a sterling silver box chain necklace to wear & a heARTfelt creation from my Studio.  Here is a couple of photos to share that gives you an idea of what it can look like…of course YOU get to choose which colors as the Winner! 

Photo example of what you win for entering the May Blog Candy Give-Away: (To View the posts of these treasures just click the photos!)

LeahGiftNecklaceClose ArleneBDayTree BSUPendant

I’m really excited to create something special for YOU my blessed readers & followers.  Thanks sooo much for Stamping By…


  1. Nicole this is a totally gorgeous piece of work and i love the fact that you altered everything on it!!! Im so glad you are getting a little stronger each day - im looking forward to seeing what your healing journey leads you to make next!!! hugs xxxx

  2. My thoughts on Spring always go back to a little verse I made up as a kid and have shared with my kids and now my grandkids... we even make up a tune and sing-songy it, as we dance and twirl...

    "Spring is Sprung
    The Grass is Riss
    I wonder where
    Them Birdies is!!!"

    Your "Ode to Spring" captures all it's radiance. The colors of new arrivals, the delight of new flowers Springing forth, the threads of Life ever woven tru the Seasons. Simply beautiful!!!

    And your Give-A-Way is extremely generous of you. A beautiful Tree of Life with all its meanings to treasure for ever... WOW

    You are truly a giving Soul... and I, for one, am Blessed to know you...

  3. This is truly stunning, What an amazing piece of art you have created! I have just spent the last hour reading your blog! inspiring hun. Well its going onto winter here, we have just had the kids rugby games and our fingers, nose and toes were freezing. Your tag warmed my heart and the fire warmed the rest of me. Have joined your blog about to share your link. Keep smiling, take one day at a time and don't over do it! xox Donna

  4. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY Colors! This is absolutely beautiful!! LOL I don't think it suffers a bit from its lack of tissue paper or UTEE dipped flowers. This is perfect just the way it is! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  5. Such a great tag! I love the colors you used..They are so pretty..I just got them too. I love that you colored the spool! Love the pin too..

  6. Love your tag, Nicole - so pretty and very classy. The new distress colours are great, aren't they, I've used them so much since I got them!
    And your pendants are really beautiful.
    I think Spring has finally sprung here in the UK (it's actually been more like Summer today) - we've had so much rain the last few weeks that all the grass is really green & luscious (despite having a hosepipe ban because we're officially in drought!). Just hoping the weather stays good now for a few months!

  7. This is such a beautiful tag and love how you have put it together. will be back to visit more of your work again and have become your newest follower
    x catherine


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