Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Have Allota Velata & FUNdue With Me…

Howdy Candies…I hope this post finds you in Fantabulous Spirits! I’m truly tickled about Velata for soooo many reasons! Haven’t heard of Velata? Well…Do you Love Chocolate? I know I’m a chocaholic of sorts…A couple of my Favs is Ghirardelli, Dove, & Lindor Hazelnut Lover. All of which are truly tasty right!?! I mean let’s face it…when it comes to chocolate we all have our tastes or mixes that we enjoy tickling our taste buds with. However, Velata is Ah-Mazing! It is Gluten FREE & Nut FREE at 160 calories per oz. & that gives me full leisure to dipping rights and did I mention it is truly Premium Belgium Chocolate too!

Oh, YUMMY My Friends…I have dipped to my hearts content. Yes, it is no secret that I’m a Fondue lover too.  So I was in total Awe when I discovered this neat treat after returning home from our Summer Family trip.  It is so Deliciously Delightful and truly an ease to use.  No Messes, Fusses, & completely easy to make a quick snack for my kids.  Plus, I have to admit my indulgence I’ve shared with a few visitors lately…in fact one comment comes to mind that was made: “This is sooo tasty it should be illegal” lol, yes in deedy that was a reaction I got after a dippy doo of their very own.

These are just a couple of things that set Velata apart from other chocolates I enjoy in my pantry.  It is a total experience I get to share over and over again & I’m loving every moment of it.  Plus I do admit that when I’m getting pretty crafty with inky fingers & all, I have yet to have a choco smudge on a piece of my heARTistry!  Good News for those of us that struggle with choco-cover ups during our lil snack breaks. 

In fact here are a couple of things I’ve managed to dip into my Fondue Warmer: Pineapple Tamales, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Strawberries, Angel Food Cake, Ham (oh, yes it was sooo good too!), & Pretzels.  There are a lot of recipes posted and shared from other Velata FUNdue peeps.  Visit my web-site to learn more today! 

I do as always want to share some photos of my FUNdue set-up I have in the corner of my kitchen with some photos that I took of all the neat lil things to share with you in “My First Velata Party” Online/In-Home Launch Open House Party!  Stay Tuned for some heARTistry share tags I’ve created the past couple of days too!  (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

My First Velata Online/In-Home Launch Open House Party!

Premium Belgium Chocolates Available in Carmel Milk, Dark, Milk & White: (Just Click The Pic To Join In the FUNdue!)

Will Work For Chocolate...

FUNdue Warmers: Fabulous for Any Gift or Occasion (Girls Night, Date Night, Family Night, Parties are a HIT!)

Velata Fondue Warmers

My Velata Fondue Display…You Can Host A Party too! For Party Specials Please Contact Me…(Just Click The Pic)

Host A Velata Party

If you Love Chocolate & What you see at the Candy Studio then You Can Also Join Our Velata Team: (Just Click The Pic)  For those interested that are from Canada, Germany, Ireland, & the United Kingdom please contact me!

Join Our Velata Team

I meant to get this posted over the weekend as some of you may of already received your invitation to attend My First Ever Online/In-Home Velata Launch Open House Party!  My deepest apologies for the hold-up & Fabulous News…It’s still not until tomorrow evening at the Candy Studio from 7pm-9pm (Casual, Come As You Are Style). 

For those of you that are unable to attend you can still participate via my online Party link located here: & just click on the “My First Velata Party” link.  You can also view the event via the Candy Studio link to FB here: .  Remember you don’t have to be local to be able to host an Online Party or place an order too!  I just love this Fabulous way of dipping & hope to of inspired you on Allota Velata today. 

Whilst in the midst of the throws of a chocaholic frenzy I finally received my Metallic Distress Stains that Tim Holtz introduced during CHA Summer 2012!  Wow…oh Wow…I had no idea when I watched the video via Ranger that Tim put out just how versatile these 3 gems can be.  It is similar to the White Picket Fence Distress Stain as they both contain a pigment in the base & are both opaque. 

What I adore about these is how much it adds to my creations.  It’s just wonderful to be able to get truly inky & play with various base Ranger mediums & that is just exactly what I did these past couple of days.  I don’t have a tutorial or anything but I have had some inquires to do so.  I do have some products that I you may recognize that I used in my heARTistry though & I had such a blast playing with each & every one of them.  So without Further Ado Photos:
(To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

Close-Up Elements Gift Tag:

Gift Tag Close Up

Gift Creation I made Today:

Gift Tag Creation

Gift Creation Back of Tag:

Gift Tag Back

No Embossing a Tribute Tag:

Tribute Tag Burnished Bronze

Embossed Tribute Tag:

Tribut Brick Emboss

Reverse Stencil Tribute Tag:

Reverse Dylusion Stencil

Close Up – Reverse Stencil Tribute Tag:

Reverse Close Up

Just a list of things I used: Tim Holtz’s; Metallic Distress Stains; “Brushed Pewter”, “Antique Bronze”, & “Tarnished Brass”, Brick texture fade, Distress Inks Pads; Barn Door, Aged Mahogany, & Mustard Seed, Distress Re-Inkers; Lemonade, & Picked Raspberry, & Various Stamps - Dyan Reeveley’s Dylusions Sprays & Stencils; Crushed Grape, Bubblegum Pink, Post Box Red, Pure Sunshine, mini numbers stencil & various Stamps.  In no particular order either.  I appreciate you taking the time to read all about the Candy Studio weekend & plan on getting those photos up from our trip that I want to share too.  Thanks for Stamping By…

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