Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crafty Inspirational Gifts

I’m really very excited about Creative University 2012!  I’m counting down the days and it truly is a mojo motivator for creating.  I was blog hopping the blogosphere the other day and found a plethora of interactive projects.  One person that I lurv her videos of things she brings can take a blast from the past and help inspire me is Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts.  She inspired these adorable creations and though it isn’t truly stationary but filled with cards, I can’t say thank you enough to her for her tutorial.  Just click on the 4 stationary pouch photos to be directed to her YouTube tutorial.  So armed with an awesome tutorial and behind on new products releasing in a couple of days, I only had our “Dreamin’” paper to work with.  There will be no recipe posted for these creations this time; however, stay tuned at the end of the slideshow to see more of what Creatique Candy’s been doing in the Studio.
Here is the Photo with Link to Dawn’s Video Tutorial:
Here is the slideshow I created with all of the Cards I made…So sweet that I could actually take our Wishes How-To book by Jeanette Lynton and turn the Just Because workshop into a 4 person gift. 
I’m still taking orders for my dragonfly charms & promised on the post that I would post a couple of pics on the first special orders placed.  I want to Thank You very much for your support with these adorable charms.  They certainly can be used on just about anything besides a bracelet.  In fact one of my orders is using it as a pentel pen cap!  Another special order is using it for a zipper accent.  So to order your special charm just click on the Sweet Specials tab link above.  So without further ado the special order photos:MyStashJewlerySpecialOrderProcessPentelPensCharm: Antique Silver, Beads & Filler Colors: Purple, Silver, BlackSpecialOrderPurpleCharmCharm: Antique Silver, Beads & Filler Colors: Teal, Silver, BlackTealSpecialOrderCharmCharm: Antique Silver, Beads & Filler Colors: Red, Silver, BlackSpecialOrderRedCharmI’ve also wanted to give a huge Thank You to for all of their help and prompt glass etching and shipping.  What an incredible thing to be able to do for someone very very special and dear to me.  I can’t show the whole thing yet to pay tribute to them for the awesome gift as I would like to wait to get photos of the faces so to speak but here is a lil sneaky peaky at what I was able to get: CU2012SGCloseUpThen if the Stationary Set, Charms, & Special Gift items weren’t enough I’m still working up a sweat in the Studio to bring more creations to CU 2012.  Roomy Gifts, Cardswaps, & Playing with new product!  I truly do want to thank you all for taking the time to stamp by Creatique Candy and checking out all the awesome things I’m making on my Journey to CU.  In just a few short days there will be a NEW Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book release with an awesome promotion, I will save the update posts till next week…please stay tuned and don’t forget that you can order your PERSONALIZED Dragonfly charm bottle for $8 + tax and shipping.  Thanks For Stamping By…
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